Variable Transformer Whitepaper


The variable voltage transformer thrives on trouble. When the value of the voltage on the AC line is incorrect, just a turn of the transformer dial operates a sliding brush that makes it right. The same dial can act like a rheostat to control the speed of motors; cutting input voltage reduces the motor speed.

Versatility of the variable transformer lies in its ability to tap in anywhere from O to 100% of the line voltage, plus another 17% usually available because of a few extra wind­ings in the secondary. Depending on the frame size, the output current ranges from 1 to 50 A at 120 V or half this amperage at 240 V.


Custom molded fasteners are components created for fastening applications in which two components must be attached in a way requiring a non-generic fastening solution that is still durable and cost-effective. Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are well-suited to a number of applications and are already in use as grommets, spacers, hole plugs, leveling feet, custom caps, door glides, idler wheels, friction pads, shelf supports, and wire harnesses. Thomson Nyliner custom molded fasteners are prevalent in many industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Office equipment
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Appliance
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it easy to select, specify and apply Thomson Nyliner bearings. Includes descriptions, application examples, dimensional drawings, specifications and test data, and installation and operating information. Also contains section on Nyliner Plus family of bearing made of thermoplastics. - See more at:

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